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ACLALS Triennial Conference 2022
The Ruptured Commons
July, 11-15, 2022
Ryerson University
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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The Future of West Indian Literature
40th West Indian Literature Conference and
11th Critical Caribbean Symposium

University of The Bahamas Nassau, The Bahamas
13th-15th October 2022
The Future of West Indian Literature, Creative Practices, Culture and Criticism is in flux as the
Caribbean region faces new and old burdens and challenges. It is imperative that we consider
how we address impending crises that include climate change and its impacts on the region,
public health crises, cultural commodification in the global marketplace, Caribbean literary
criticism and its metropoles, regional publishing, creative cultural studies, and the literary
imagination. As Caribbean futures continue to be yoked to tourism and extractive and
consumptive practices, the political and social needs of local residents are overlooked, often in
favor of tending to visitors. How do literary scholars, West Indian writers at home and in the
diaspora, tackle these realities through the critical discourses in the field? How might academic
institutions engage more fully in these conversations and provide innovative interventions that
benefit local economies, intellectual communities, and cultural production? These are some of
the questions we will consider when we meet next in the Bahamas.
The conference organizing committee encourages submissions from literary scholars and critics,
and from all sectors of the creative community. The proposal accompanying each paper/abstract
should indicate how the work fits within one of the following thematic threads:

● The Independent Creative Economy (including but not limited to visual arts, design,
sustainable food, virtual experiences/web 3.0 and film)
● Imaging/Imagining the Green Economy in the Caribbean Region
● LGBTQI Representation in Politics, the creative arts and culture
● Writing/Righting the Calabash
● Cultural and Literary Criticism: New Terrains of Exploration
● Creative Practices and Productions in the Wake of (Neo)colonialism
● Representing Trauma in Contemporary Literature and Art
● Critical/Creative Praxis and the Problem of Pornotroping
● Creative Art at the Crossroads of Social Justice and the Global Marketplace
● Higher Education and the Creative/Critical Enterprise
● Pedagogy in the Wake of Demographic and Democratic Shifts
● Continental Shifts: The Changing Caribbean Literary and Cultural Landscapes
● Digital Diasporas and New Knowledge Centers: Leveling the Field of Play in Publishing
● Education in the virtual space/EdTec
● Film legacies, black bodies on screen
● Centre-metropole/periphery onshore/offshore dynamics in creative industries
● All other topics related to West Indian Literature and Culture will be considered.

Abstract length should be 200-250 words
Deadline for abstract submission is 1st April 2022
Notification of decision on Abstract 18th April 2022

Submission of paper (this has not traditionally been a feature/requirement of previous
conferences since the late 1990s, though it had been prior to that, but we hope to be able to
work towards publishing some work from the conference) /art work is 31st August 2022
Submission Procedure
Abstract should contain contact information (name, institutional affiliation, email, and mailing
The abstract must be in English and submitted in Word format
Please send your Abstracts to
Or any questions to:
Co-Chairs of the Organizing Committee:
Dr. Ian Bethell-Bennett-
Dr. Craig Smith-
Dr. Marie Sairsingh
Dr. Mayuri Deka-

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