Keynote Address by Lillian Allen (OCAD U), “Ah Soh Wi Sey: A people’s poetics blazing through to the heart of what matters”

July 11, 2022 from 10:30 to 12:00

Room Number: TRS 1-067

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The ‘commons’ for some has always felt like something we were allowed but had no ownership in; immigrants, visitors, charity cases, the serviced, the accommodated. Even in the area of language, cultural forms and genres we found ourselves othered. I’ll discuss a poetics as exemplified by the spoken word and dub poetry movements which seized upon the inherent sovereignty of voice (already paid for at the moment of creation) and over the last couple decades created a sparkling new emerging and expanding commons to champion the voice of young people and misfits, to hold these voices as community and to engage with each other, society, and the world. My keynote will be a hybrid presentation utilizing pre-language and post language aesthetic in a poetic romp that will demand both a listening of intellect and body.

Chair: Anne-Marie Lee-Loy (Toronto Metropolitan U)

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